Spiritual Formation

A Thought on Reflection

“Real silence, real stillness, really holding one’s tongue comes only as the sober consequence of spiritual stillness.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Lt. Col. Tim Foley

One of the most important elements to our spiritual growth is reflection. Just as one would do on a journey to a particular destination, pausing long enough to check to make sure you are on the right path is vital. Looking back to see where you were and where you are now is part of that process. Reflection involves self-discipline that requires one to stop doing and just learn to embrace that particular moment. To catch your breath. To wait. To hit the pause button and just think. Learn to carve out time for reflection daily, where your internal motion stops just long enough for you to clasp these special quiet moments with God.

“Upright Christians pray without ceasing; though they pray not always with their mouths, yet their hearts pray continually, sleeping and waking; for the sigh of a true Christian is prayer.”

Martin Luther

10 Scriptures for Reflection

New Testament

John 15:13 

Romans 8:28

Romans 8:31

Romans 8:33-39

Old Testament

Psalm 27:4

Psalm 34:8

Proverbs 17:17

Isaiah 40:28-31

I Corinthians 13:12

Lamentations 3:22-23

A Prayer for Reflection

Pausing, O Lord, is a challenge at times with this hectic pace I lead. Shutting off my mind long enough to stop and encounter the space I am in is nearly an impossible task. Help me to not get too ahead of myself with my future plans or allowing the urgent matters before me to block out my need to reflect and ponder more. You work in the mystery of the unseen and the rhythms of the ordinary. May I learn to pause and think in these ordinary spaces of life that make up my days. Help me to see You, to sense You and to emulate Your light and love in all I do. Amen.

Steps to Salvation

The Bible states that God loves you and cares for you as a person (John 3:16). Humankind has been separated from God by sin (Romans 3:23). God sent His Son as a provision for our salvation through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection from the dead (Romans 5:8). Doing good deeds is not enough (Ephesians 2:8-9), but receiving the free gift of salvation is (John 1:12).

You can invite Jesus Christ into your life right now by praying something like the following:

Dear God, I know I am a sinner. I need Your forgiveness and grace. I believe that Christ paid the penalty for my sin, and He died in my place, and He rose from the dead. I invite Jesus Christ to come into my life as Savior. Thank You for saving me from my sin and making me Your child. Help me to grow and learn how to serve You. Amen.

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